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Sanitation engineer

The position of Sanitation Engineer at SISCRA’s Willow Creek Campground begins a few days prior to park opening day and ends on park closing day. (Dates change each year and they will be announced annually). It is a four (4) day on and four (4) day off position which requires two (2) people to perform restroom cleaning and sanitation duties. Bathrooms are to be thoroughly cleaned each morning with an afternoon or evening check to verify there is sufficient hand soap, paper towels, toilet tissue to last until the morning routine and to check that the facilities are satisfactory and functioning properly. A salary will be paid monthly plus a RV parking space, and holding tank pumping. Your work days must be a mutual agreement between you and the other sanitation engineers.

The duties of the Sanitation Engineer are as follows:

1. To clean all restrooms at least once each day and disinfect any areas that might pass on any germs or disease.
2. Toilets and shower stalls are to be cleaned with chemical cleaners to disinfect and sanitize these facilities.
3. All waste paper from the restrooms must be bagged and put in the garbage dispensers.
4. Toilet paper and paper towels are to be replaced as needed.
5. Mop all restroom floors using a disinfectant.
6. Clean the areas around the entrance to the restroom as needed to present a pleasant appearance.
7. You will need to report all needed repairs to the gatekeepers or a board member.
8. SISCRA will provide all cleaning supplies, but you must report all necessary supplies when restocking is needed.

Click here for a PDF/printable copy of the sanitation engineer’s duties.

Click here for a PDF/printable copy of the sanitation engineer’s agreement.


The job of gatekeeper at SISCRA’s Willow Creek Campground requires two persons. They will work an (8) hour shift (8 AM to 5 PM) four (4) days on and four (4) days off. The hours for the Gate House on Fridays will be from 9:00 9 p.m. so a split shift will be worked between the two people. A salary will be paid based on experience, a RV parking space will be provided and holding tank dumping. This is a four month position to begin a few days prior to opening.  Dates change each year and will be announced annually.  In case of an emergency, time off can be arranged.

The duties of the gatekeeper are as follows:

1. To register all campers who come into the park with the forms provided by SISCRA.
2. Collect all money due for campground use and SISCRA membership.
3. Keep an account of the occupied campsites (space numbers) and dates of their registration and departure. Gatekeepers are to provide an account of all transactions.
4. To keep order in the park in as much as they are able. If the gatekeeper sees rules being broken, or are told of such, they may speak to the offender in a courteous way and try to correct the problem. When further assistance is needed, they should contact a Board Member.
5. At the end of the day, the gatekeeper must report accurate totals of the money taken in during that day, balance the cash register and record the results. Forms are provided for these procedures. The treasurer will keep permanent records for all transactions, but accurate reporting is the responsibility of the gatekeepers.
6. The gatekeeper should consult the executive committee of any problems they encounter. The President or Vice President has the final word as to the actions to be taken.
7. At the present time campers are allowed to select their own campsites with the exception of the reserved group areas. If the park is crowded, the gatekeepers may assign spaces to them.

Click here for a PDF/printable copy of the gatekeeper’s duties.

Click here for a PDF/printable copy of the gatekeeper’s agreement.